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Unveiling The Genius Behind The Divorcee

Unveiling The Genius Behind The Divorcee


Rayden Berg

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Unveiling The Genius Behind The Divorcee






Unveiling The Genius Behind The Divorcee

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The spoiled, willful daughter of the Koch family groveled down to her husband, who loved someone else? The first thing Aylin Koch did when she recovered her memory was divorce her husband! Everyone in New York knew that Gavyn Delacruz married a girl from the slums who was nothing but greedy for money, but one day, she divorced him suddenly. They all thought that it was nothing but a show. She was playing hard to get so that she could get more money from him. Gavyn stated that she would go back to him within three days. To everyone’s surprise, she came back to and became the young lady of the Koch family, looking down on him. As time went by, her true identities emerged one by one. She was a top hacker, an outstanding doctor, and America’s number-one designer. She was all he was looking for. Finally, he found out the truth… When they met again, on the patio out of a business banquet, he trapped her between him and the cold railing, kneeling and putting on shoes for her reverently with red eyes, asking her the one and only question in his mind, “I’m willing to be a substitute. Aylin, can you let me stay by your side?”

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