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Uncovering My Wife's Secrets

Uncovering My Wife's Secrets


Rayden Berg

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Uncovering My Wife's Secrets






Uncovering My Wife's Secrets

Rating: 6.0/10 from 188 ratings

Fate is something unpredictable. Life might give you a blow, but it might bring you sweetness right after that. That was what happened in this story. Annalise Barton, a country girl despised and looked down upon by her ex-boyfriend, agreed to marry Julian Parks, an heir of the Parks family, which she thought was a middle-aged man. Getting betrayed by their fiancé and fiancée brought them together. The contract marriage turned out to be a beautiful love story. Yet, that was not all about this romantic encounter. Being belittled as a country girl did not discourage Annalise, as she was not what they thought she was. Country bumpkin? Uneducated? Shallow-minded? Are they sure what they see in her is the real her? Even Julian, who believed she was a na?ve and straightforward woman, soon realized he was wrong… Living with her brought surprises to him each day. Stay tuned and discover Annalise’s identity and skills as you read through the romantic path of love after marriage!

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