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The Broken Wolf

The Broken Wolf


Sarah Skuld

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The Broken Wolf






The Broken Wolf

Rating: 6.0/10 from 334 ratings

"I’m not even a real wolf. I saw you in the window and thought my family would have told you. I… I’m so sorry.” I say as my chest begins to hurt and I can barely breathe. “You are a real wolf, though. It’s in your scent. My wolf is sure of it.” “I’m not, though. I don’t have a wolf. I’ve never shifted, I’m not built as muscular. If anything happens to me, I can’t save myself. I’ll just be a huge liability.” “No” he snaps at me and I can see a flash of anger in his eyes. “You are NOT a liability. You’re my mate. The Goddess made you for me.” “The Goddess didn’t make me for anyone, Seth. No one wants me.” I say as my voice begins to waiver. This isn’t going how I thought. I never dreamed I’d have to convince my mate I wasn’t good enough. But this man just keeps surprising me as he grabs me and pulls me onto his lap. “There are people who DO want you, Molly. I want you. Your parents adopted you- they wanted you. Your brother always wanted you. He never stopped talking about you during training. You’re different Molly, but that doesn’t mean you’re not enough and that you’re not wanted.” he tells me as he just holds me on his lap. "I want you."