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Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot

Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot


Deutsche Unforgotten

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Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot






Substitute Marriage: Reborn As The Top Big-Shot

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[Number one romance novel in the universe—face slapping, scum-torturing, power couple!] <br> <br> Isabella Thompson, who was abandoned in a village was suddenly brought home by her rich parents. <br> <br>Her father: You are different from your sister. She has a bright future ahead and is destined to be a phoenix who would soar the skies! There's no way she would marry a cripple! You are getting off easy here! <br> <br>Her mother: The Yu family is rich and powerful. Standing in for your sister in marriage is your food fortune! Know what's good for you! <br> <br>Theodore Yu used to be a famous prodigy, but lost his glow after a car accident and didn't even make it to high school. With one being a poor village bumpkin and the other a well-known piece of trash, they were a match for each other. <br> <br> But while everyone was waiting for Miss Thompson to make a fool of herself, she and that piece of trash appeared at a banquet where big shots gathered. <br> <br> Isabella Thompson: I came to work as a waitress. <br> <br>Theodore Yu: What a coincidence, I'm here to work part-time as well. <br> Hence, everyone watched as they carried trays around for the whole night. <br> <br> *** <br> <br> On the day of their marriage, every important figure in the capital attended. <br> <br> Big Shot One: I'll help make arrangements for Mr. Yu's grand wedding! <br> <br> Big Shot Two: Welcome back to the capital, Miss Thompson! <br> <br> Big Shot Three:... <br> <br> Seeing those big shots who persistently made headlines, Grace Thompson was filled with regretful tears. <br> <br> <br>

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