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She Turns Glamorous After Marriage

She Turns Glamorous After Marriage



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She Turns Glamorous After Marriage






She Turns Glamorous After Marriage

Rating: 6.0/10 from 28 ratings

A talented young actress who goes by the name Sarah is an upcoming star in the movie industries. She strives and always tries to push her limits into perfection when playing any role given to her as an actress. <br> <br>During one of her played movie roles she meets a young cheerful and funny lad who turns out to also be her comforter in the depths of her despair. <br>But what happens when all these turns into love ? <br>Does Sarah also love him as much as he does ? <br> <br>But here comes another twist as Lucius Anderson a well known Tycoon in the business world, who has connections in anything concerning business, he has always been rumored to be a gay cause he is hardly seen with any lady even with all his wealth and handsome features. <br> <br>How does the country reacts when they find out he has a betrothed wife who he got married to when she was just a Toddler but his betrothed beautiful wife has a lover who she fell in love with ? <br> <br> Lucius Anderson betrothed wife who doesn’t know she has a husband who she had gotten married to when she was much younger fell in a love-and not with just any guy, he is someone who has been paid and sent to watch her every moves and to play along just to hurt her emotions… but what do they gain in return after causing her heart a lot of damage and heartache? <br> <br> <br> <br> I hope this novel is a page turner and If you are opportune to pick this novel then please bear with me cause this novel is a slow-burn. It doesn’t start with a FL being all tough and lots of actions happening but this is an acting career and love triangle story definitely not your everyday fictional novel. Give it a trial dear readers <br> <br>It’s also still being edited so bear with me