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Falling For The Girl I Bullied

Falling For The Girl I Bullied



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Falling For The Girl I Bullied






Falling For The Girl I Bullied

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Life was never easy for Violet Carter. She was abandoned by her parents when she was only nine years old. Her grandmother from her father's side took care of her until she left the world when Violet was only 14 years old. Till the day of her grandmother's demise, Violet was on her own. Her grandmother left a small fortune and a house to live for her. She promised her grandmother that she would live her life carefreely and would make a career in the future. Everything was going well until she reaches high school and met her worst nightmare, Kyle Knight. No one knew why Kyle hated her so much and was her biggest bully in the school. She was a nerd and never got a friend in school yet she was happy with whatever life offered to her. Kyle ruined her days in school for no reason making her hate him in response to her core. What happened between them when they came closer to each other after an accident. Will they fall for each other or their rivalry would continue after a short interval?